Kim McCarten | Creative Problem Solving for B2B

Solve a real problem for your customer.

I help entrepreneurial B2B firms and nonprofits harness the power of design to solve problems and improve products and services with a process that starts with structured brainstorming and leads to practical creative solutions.

Design Sprint ⇒ More Impact and Customer Engagement

The most effective creative process starts with a Design Sprint or a variation of this structured brainstorming. With it, there is alignment between teams, clarity in terms of priorities, and the end user is included early on. Why do customers need this product or service? How does this project fit in with other efforts? Will it address a short- or long-term goal? How will it be marketed? Why should it be done now? These answers provide a framework for a more successful project. Good design is logical, intuitive, streamlined—and practical.

S K I L L S:

  • Problem Solving
  • Creative Direction
  • Design Sprint Facilitation
** Certified Design Sprint Facilitator **
(Master Class led by AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp)

R E C E N T  P O S T S:

When should you do a Design Sprint for your organization?
Jonathan Courtney from AJ&Smart, the top firm in the world offering Design Sprints, tells you.