Kim McCarten | Creative Problem Solving for B2B

Solve a real problem for your customer.

I help entrepreneurial B2B firms harness the power of design to improve their connection to their audience.

The most effective creative process starts with clarity:
What's the goal for this project? What problem does this product/service solve?
Who is your audience? Why reach out to them now? These answers provide a framework for a more successful, impactful project.
Kicking off with a structured, collaborative workshop that answers these questions can be beneficial. Including key stakeholders creates alignment between teams and clarity in terms of priorities. It also helps get everyone to the finish line faster.
** Certified Design Sprint Facilitator / AJ&Smart **

R E C E N T  P O S T S:

onboarding app global virtual design sprint

UI/App Concept:
Improving the Onboarding Process

association conference app design

UI/App Concept:
Making It Easier for Conference Attendees to Get Around

global design sprint

Helping Teachers Encourage Innovative Thinking in The Classroom

presentation deck for foundation open education

Sharing Successes and Strategies with Foundation Partners

medical shipment catalog design print design

Creating the First Catalog for a New Company

creative services for tech firms and startups

Highlighting a Full Range of Services and Products

promotional videos

Video Project:
Using the Power of Video to Market and Educate

art fair events app UX UI design

UI/App Concept:
Helping Art Fans Find Events On The Go

After author website UX/UI design home

P R O P O S E D  R E D E S I G N

After author website UX/UI design home
insurance economic snapshot deck

A Better Showcase of Key Data for Members

code of conduct presentation

Presentations & Publications:
Helping employees navigate difficult workplace scenarios

I Have A Project