Case Study: WorldPoint

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Catalog Design
PowerPoint deck Keynote
PowerPoint deck Keynote
PowerPoint deck Keynote
Packaging Product ID
Email Design

Healthcare/Life Support Training & Distribution

—  Evolveed brand and visual identity for the company as it grew
—  Implemented branding across marketing channels
—  Established consistent marketing efforts
—  Branding and packaging for app and private label products
—  Promotion and materials for trade events

WorldPoint was a subsidiary of another company when I began working with the future CEO. Over the next 12+ years, I was part of the "A Team" that helped the company grow as partner of the American Heart Association in the life-support training market. Early projects included planning marketing outreach, visual identity and branding, sales materials, and their first catalog—and grew to include an ecommerce website, monthly email campaigns, conference signage and a host of other materials.

As WorldPoint continued to grow (from two employees to just over 50), the marketing needs of the company expanded. I continued to work with the CEO, VP of Sales, Sales and Customer Service teams on training presentations, branded product launches and packaging, and an enewletter that ran successfully for three years and was the largest driver of traffic to their website at the time.

The company's market share steadily grew from 3% to 36% in a closed market, and the company continues to be a success today.

Improving the Onboarding Process  |  Encouraging Future Innovators

"I just got off the phone complimenting [Vice President] Bob Kaplan on the WONDERFUL email campaign promoting CPR Anytime. I am extremely grateful to have you two leading WorldPoint's marketing activities…Thank you for your incredible commitment and untiring work ethic. I greatly appreciate it!"

John Amato
President and CEO, WorldPoint Inc.