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Your Annual Benefits
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It's About You and Your Future

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Information about your health care and wellness benefit options.
Enroll from [DATE] to [DATE].

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Your annual Boehringer Ingelheim health benefits package provides the same choices and coverage as last year, with additional options.

Some costs have increased, but our commitment to preventive health, plus your healthy actions, can make us all healthier while saving money.

Review your options and choose the coverage that makes the most sense for you and your family for the coming year.

If you want to make any changes for this coming year, you must do so by [DATE].

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BI is dedicated to providing expansive health benefits to you and your family— with more preventive care services covered at 100%, including diabetic supplies. We're also adding second opinion expertise for complex medical conditions, and additional Healthy Actions activities that can earn you incentive credits.

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Remember to make any changes to your benefits, or add coverage, by [TIME] on [DATE].

What's New for The Coming Year:

1. Employee contributions for medical and dental coverage will increase.
It’s no secret that health care costs continue to rise. BI will absorb some of these increases, but employee contributions for medical and dental coverage will increase. Contributions for vision coverage will remain the same.

Visit HRBI for current rates. [link]

2. You'll have more opportunities to 'buy back' these increases with Healthy Actions.
The more healthy actions you take, the more incentive $ credits you’ll earn. (See pages XX-XX for details).

3. There are also changes to medical plan deductibles, and decreases in BI contributions to HRA/HSA accounts.
Details are covered in upcoming sections.

4. You’ll see the following changes due to health care reform:
- More women’s preventive care services will be covered at 100% (see details page XX).
- Health Care FSA or a Limited Scope Health Care FSA contributions will be reduced to $2,500. The maximum contribution to the Dependent Care FSA will stay at $5,000 ($2,500 if you’re married and file your taxes separately).

5. Prescription drugs will require prior authorization from Express Scripts.
Your doctor will need to verify your prescriptions (based on your history and diagnosis), and check that you're getting the proper dosage/amount of any drug.

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