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[List of main services for institutional clients]
Data Feeds
From real-time streaming to end-of-day & historical tick data

Cloud-Based Solutions
OnDemand market data & information hosted in AWS

Website Solutions
Financial content & tools for third-party websites

Real-time market data, trading & analysis platforms

Enterprise managed solutions for data collection, management & distribution

With headquarters in the heart of Chicago's financial district, Barchart has been providing industry-leading market data and trading solutions since 1934.

Barchart is a financial technology firm focused on market data and trading solutions.

We source market data directly from exchanges around the world, and collect information from fundamental data providers, news and government agencies, associations and weather services.

In addition to collecting, processing and distributing market data, Barchart faciltates futures order routing for brokers and traders through our trading software.

Barchart offers off-the-shelf and custom solutions for institutional clients that encompass data feeds, website content, software and enterprise data management.

We tailor solutions to your business needs and provide superior customer service.

Led by veterans in technology and finance, Barchart has in-depth expertise that is sure to benefit your organization.

Barchart hosts, delivers and maintains market data and information for over 1,000 institutional clients.

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