Capabilities brochure

Capabilities Brochure

A fintech firm has multiple 'divisions' that offer data feeds and other products to specific audiences. There needs to be a piece that can showcase the breadth of technological and market knowledge the firm has.

My suggestion was a simple, multi-panel fold-out brochure that could highlight each division on its own panel.

The piece presents a polished, pulled-together look for the firm, and offers companies that might fall into two categories a chance to better understand what is on offer and which service or product might be best for them.

Services: Concept, sample design

Trade show graphics
Trade show graphics
Trade show graphics

Trade Event Signage

I've helped a number of clients prepare for and promote their participation in trade events, and usually, that includes booth graphics and signage.

These examples show several branded bannerstands, as well as a poster for a show giveaway.

Services: Branding, visual identity, concept, design, project management, final production

catalog design
catalog design

Catalog Design

Catalogs are still a staple for many companies, distributors and others. As much as customers shop online, putting something in their hands allows them to see items they might not search for, but might like or need. Having great product photos and compelling copy doesn't hurt either!

Catalogs can be complicated; there are usually a lot of products, specs, multiple images, prices, item numbers…for things to run smoothly, and on time, you need experience and organization.

I've produced numerous catalogs for clients; the process always starts with a meeting with key decision makers to discuss the goal for the project, then taking that feedback to develop an overall concept and structure for the catalog. Usually I continue working hands-on, doing the actual design and page layout, writing copy and product descriptions.

But it doesn't end there: all the files have to be organized and collected, the right printer and mailing house have to be found, estimates gathered, and all required components, including the mailing list, need to be delivered on time.

As with other marketing efforts, there also needs to be a plan for how the catalog will be supported, how the company will followup with customers, and when the next edition (or a variation) will be produced.

Services: Project management, strategy, concept and organization, visual identity, design, content and copy, final production

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