Video Projects

Event Highlight Video

In addition to working on the planning, promotion and program for the FinTech Exchange conferences, I recommended creating an event highlight video the third year of the conference, that could be used on the website and for various marketing efforts.

I coordinated the video to be shot at the conference, pulled together some onstage program clips, incorporated key branding elements, edited the footage and added music. The goal was to show an overview of the event to give viewers a feel for the day, in addition to providing a few topic details to keep the content from being too generic.

App/Product Overview Videos

Barchart has won awards for their technology; below are the two product videos which highlight key features and how the APIs can be implemented.

I created the video outlines, wrote the scripts, did some simple filming in the office, then worked with the VO artist, researched b-roll, added the music, and did the final edits/production.

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