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Awareness Transformed

Benchmark teams with Dave & Buster's on national game launch

Sega Amusements chose Dave & Buster's Orlando location as the spot to debut their latest videogame, 'Transformers—Human Alliance'. This national launch was a big promotional event, and the marketing people at D&B were looking at every opportunity to promote it, so ... Benchmark got a call.

Sega's US General Manager Pete Gustafson, in an interview with Vending Times, said that "with Transformers, we wanted to create awareness that went well beyond simply placing the game ... and hoping people played it. We wanted [the] promotion to have an impact."

The large, dramatic stairway at the entrance of Dave & Buster's looked like a great space for advertising the new game, so the challenge for Benchmark was to produce a high-impact color graphic on self-adhesive vinyl that was 260" wide x 110" high, cut into 80 strips to fit the riser of each step.

Benchmark recommended that the graphics be printed on BusArt, a 4mil vinyl by Flexcon, which features a removable adhesive that doesn't leave any residue. Printing was done on Benchmark's Vutek 3220 UV Hybrid machine, which can print high definition detail at sizes up to 126.5" wide (and on materials up to 2" thick).

Since the graphic needed to be durable and 'cleanable', with so many visitors coming up and down those stairs, each printed strip was laminated with a luster finish vinyl overlam.

To ensure precise fit and image alignment the graphics were cut on Benchmark's digital Icut table.

The project got kudos from Gustafson, who said the concept worked "very well."

If you're looking to present your advertising message in a big way, whether on a flight of stairs or any other interior surface, give Benchmark a call. Our capabilities will impress you! (847) 290-0002.