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DDC public advocacy conference


DDC is a public advocacy firm in Washington, DC. This was web content for one of their many conferences.

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Connect, Collaborate, Succeed

Join your colleagues at one of our One-Day Client Conferences

You need the best tools, technology, and strategies to fully achieve your advocacy goals—and our primary goal at DDC is to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

In addition to our effective public affairs tools and comprehensive services we're proud to also offer our One-Day Client Conferences.

These Conferences give you an opportunity to network and connect with peers, share industry experiences and insights, collaborate in developing new strategies, and get advice on best practices from DDC's senior staff.

Each Conference focuses on a particular area of interest to advocacy professionals; your feedback [link] helps us determine the topics.

Our senior staff and industry experts will present the latest technological tools, new/social media strategies, and best practices—creative ideas that will energize your current campaigns and inspire new outreach efforts.

You can register today [link] for one of our upcoming events:


  • Current clients using DDC tools and technologies who want to get the most impact and biggest response right now.
  • Public affairs professionals looking to capitalize on the advocacy opportunities available in our 'New Reality'.
  • Any industry representatives looking to maximize the impact of current and near-future outreach efforts in response to fluid changes in their industry and the economy.

Companies and associations are facing more than a new economy; it's a new reality. But there are challenges as well as opportunities.

We'll introduce you to clients who have already had success with the same DDC tools and technologies you have access to, and show you real-world strategies and techniques that will help you succeed in these challenging times.

This one-day conference will show you how the DDC tools and technologies you currently use can help you steer your organization to success and create opportunities in our challenging times.


Past DDC Conference Attendees included:
State Farm Insurance, Humana, American Academy of Dermatology, Comcast, Travelers Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual, American Heart Association, American Electric Power, Western Union, American Airlines, T-Mobile, Ford Motor Company, Target Corporation, USAA, Microsoft, Baxter, and more…


In addition to expert advice on how to achieve success and create opportunities in our 'New Reality,' we'll show you how DDC tools and technology can help you meet your annual advocacy and membership goals.

We will present the details using real clients and their real successes(!), and we'll illustrate how the Toolkit can take you through the full cycle of an effective advocacy program:

  • Identifying and segmenting current supporters and potential advocates
  • Recruiting grassroots and grasstops advocates to create a stronger base
  • Using data segmentation to deliver sharp, focused, specific messages to your audiences
  • Educating advocates about key issues and encouraging them to take action
  • Activating advocates, allies and other stakeholders in a targeted way to impact policy and win campaigns
  • Continuing to communicate with, engage and maintain your community of advocates


- The biggest advocacy goal for my organization is:
- Our current priorities are:
- Our biggest challenge is:

This event is exclusively for current DDC clients and invited guests.

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