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1.  FinTech Exchange Conference (2015-2017)

Launching an annual conference is a lot of fun—and a lot of work! Calling on my creative/marketing skills and my theater background (nothing professional!), plus my own experience presenting at conferences, I worked with Barchart's three-person internal marketing team to help launch the now annual FinTech Exchange, an event focused on technology for financial markets and trading in Chicago.

In addition to working on the planning team, my main focus was the marketing, the website—and most importantly, the program itself.

I did research and wrote content for the pre-show presentation (including content, trivia questions, statistics, and video), and put together the main program presentation, including the decks from the speakers (often helping them with styling and design). I also did an event highlight video this year.

We landed Google, Amazon, IBM and Tableau as keynote presenters, and the program has expanded each year (as well as selling out)!