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Presentation Scripts/Speeches

When a client needs to do an event presentation, or needs a deck for training purposes, the important first step is deciding on the goal for the project. What's the main message? Who's the audience? What do you want them to know? What should they do next? We'll collaborate to determine the best goal, talk over the time limit and other parameters.

For an event, experienced speakers know that reading from a script is the fastest road to being boring. Boring means people will look at their watches, check their phones, nod off—so they not only won't hear you, they will have a not-so-positive image of your company as well.

Conversational is best. Outlines are great. Keeping things concise and streamlined—essential.

Whether it's an executive presentation or a sales tool, I aim to create a 'voice' and tone that's in line with the speaker or firm, and work with the client to put together content their audience will want to know—and remember.