Conference Pre-Show Presentation/Deck


FTX Conference Pre-Show Video

FinTech Exchange (FTX) is an annual conference focused on technology for financial markets and trading in Chicago.

In addition to working on the planning, promotion and program for the event, I created this pre-show video (concept, research, content, design and final file), which reflected the tone and focus of the event.

The content featured Chicago, some of the topics, the participating firms and sponsors, as well as interesting facts and trivia.

FTX presenters have included state-of-the-art tech firms (Tableau, Quandl, Trading Technologies, Narrative Science) as well as more well-known names (Google, Amazon, IBM, CME Group, NASDAQ, CBOE, and Nadex).

The program has expanded each year—and continues to sell out!

*Powerpoint/video conversions being what they are, this is almost accurate in terms of timing and quality. :)